How can I contact you?
• Contact Us via website
• Send us an e-mail at hello@cadoandme.com
• Instagram DM (fastest)

Please give us up to 48 hours to respond to your request.
Oops! I accidentally provided you with the wrong shipping address! What do I do?

It's all good! Accidents happen!

As long as your item has not shipped yet I can change the address! However, if it has been shipped before I am notified of the situation and the package is "Returned to Sender" the customer is required to pay the shipping fee for it to be shipped out a second time as the old shipping label is marked as "used"

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Our process time changes often and may vary due to the shop's current order volume. The announcement bar at the top of our website is updated daily and will give you our current processing time.

* Please note that all orders made after 6pm Friday and the weekends, the processing time begins on Monday

Can I combine discount codes?

Unfortunately, none of our codes are stackable and you will need to pick only one.

Will you participate in my giveaway?

As a small business, we are not able to participate in every giveaway that is asked of us. We are thankful and happy for this community for thinking of us, and are asked to participate often. If you would like to have any of our products be a part of your giveaways, you may purchase from our website or purchase a gift card starting from $10.

If you are a loyal customer, please reach out to us about your giveaway and we can review your request! We are open to participating in giveaways from those who know our brand, support us, and interact with us! If you do not follow us or are not a customer, your request will be deleted.

In addition, giveaways are reserved mainly for Cado's Crew as a brand ambassador perk.